Why am I running for the HSE School Board?

I am passionate about quality public education for ALL students and believe that my knowledge and experiences as an educator and professional nurse would be beneficial to the HSE School Board.  As a native Hoosier that moved to Fishers specifically for the educational opportunities afforded by the district, I am invested in the continued success of the district for ALL students.  As a person of color, I am uniquely positioned to champion equitable, diverse, and inclusive policies for ALL children in the district to effect optimal educational outcomes.

Chauna wearing an “Ally” rainbow shirt.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

DEI goes beyond racial diversity and includes anti-discrimination, social justice, culturally competent curriculum, 504/IEP plans and adherence to those plans, building cultures that are conducive to student comfort, inclusion, safety, and belonging. 

Woman and child standing on the painted "Black Lives Matter" street mural in Indianapolis.
Chauna and Chase at the “Black Lives Matter” mural on Indiana Avenue in Indianapolis.

Representation Matters!

Children respond to seeing people like them in the classroom. Diversity in ethnicity and gender, especially at the elementary level, encourages professional diversity and does not relegate the teaching profession to only women.  To attract, retain, and promote teachers and administrators of color (TAOC), there must be spaces created and maintained to support the existing TAOC with targeted recruiting efforts.  Employee turnover is costly for any industry and even more so when trying to build community and stability.

Woman with mask and child with mask standing near a tree
Chauna and Chase at Harrison Parkway Elementary. Patriot pride!

Planning – being proactive!

There seems to be a paucity of planning on many levels.  HSE has the largest district in the area, and as such is one of the largest employers.  Is there a liaison with City planning?  Where does HSE fit in the 10-year, 20-year plan for Fishers?  As Fishers grows, a coordinated plan for school growth, remodeling/reinvestment should always be in consideration.  Feeder schools are not feasible as we continue to grow (limited geographically, bus routes, start times, school capacity, not fiscally sound, etc.) and redistricting should be limited.  

Woman with glasses and mask
Chauna with mask that says “Fight For The Things You Care About”

Transparency, Communication, & Leadership

Perception is everything in the public eye.  Currently, there is a great mistrust of the HSE Board and the HSEA.  Improved, regular communication (FERPA compliant) and consistent leadership would greatly improve trust between the community and the Board.  When parents feel as though their children have been in unsafe situations, communication is key.  Overcommunication can never be faulted.  Further, the charge of the Board is to act in the best interest of ALL students.  Its job is not to quell the loud and angry few.  It is to protect the children, to stand up to the bullies and lead by example.

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Cybersecurity and physical security of our children and staff must be maintained.  As our children become more enmeshed in a digital environment, we must be sure to allocate funds to secure (as much as possible) the avenues used to access information, educate, and secure personal information (HIPAA and FERPA compliant).

Two women and a child
Chauna, Chase, and a friend at the “Red for Ed” rally in November 2019.

Fiscal Equity & Responsibility

All HSE schools should have similar amenities and opportunities for students and staff, regardless of the ratio of free/reduced lunch students in attendance.  There should not be competition for funding/assistance between schools within the same school district.  The community is the same.